Sell Sheets


Sell Sheets are my specialty. As my clients say, “If you can teach an 8-year old how to make sell sheets, you can probably teach me too!”

Sell Sheet Services Include:

Pile It Sell Sheet 12 Vertical• Step-by-step instruction
• Help writing benefit & feature statements
• How to create product shots with impact
• Layout and design instruction
• Feedback on sell sheets & videos
• A professional review of your materials

Services are $75 per hour, with a one-hour minimum.

If you only want an evaluation of your current sell sheet or video, please see Pro-Review. For questions, or to schedule an evaluation, email me to set up a time to talk., 952.405.6910  (USA, Central Time).

What Is A Sell Sheet?

A sell sheet is how you quickly show others what your product is and does. It is a single-page flyer/ad (think billboard), web page or short video. FYI, Several companies now require a video to show proof of concept along with a single-page sell sheet.

Why Do I Need A Sell Sheet and/or Video?

The sell sheet and video are tools to get your foot in the door to start the conversation. Use a sell sheet and/or video to intrigue someone to want to learn more about your product.

What Does The Sell Sheet and Video Include?

Both include a benefit statement, images of your product, supporting points and your contact information.

What’s The Most Important Tip Regarding Sell Sheets and Videos?

Every time you do a sell sheet or video (no matter how many you have done), always run it by someone who has experience with sell sheets. That person will be able to tell you if they understand the concept and if you are presenting it in the strongest way possible. They will look at your image and layout, determine if your headline is a benefit and if the content belongs on the sell sheet or a data sheet (a secondary page with details, when required). They will usually ask questions or make comments that will make your page stronger.

If you have made a video, the feedback is even more crucial. The main mistakes with videos are that they are too long, redundant and missing contact information. I have been doing sell sheets for a number of years and still run mine by two experts. Getting feedback from someone with experience is invaluable. Don’t skip this step.

How Can You Help Me With A Sell Sheet and Video?

Whether starting from scratch or having me evaluate your current materials (print, video, web), I can recommend how to make the image, design and content effective.

What Does A Sell Sheet or Video Review Involve?

The first step is to contact me and let me know what you are looking for and where are you at in your process: Do you understand how to make a sell sheet or video? Do you understand how to best show your product? What homework have you done? Do you intend on licensing or manufacturing? Have you filed for patent protection? Have you already shown or pitched your product?

Next, we’ll determine the best way to work together. What do you need to help you move ahead? Once we’ve determined what we’d like to accomplish, then we’ll decide together the best way to proceed.


Fees for my services are $75 per hour, with a one-hour minimum. Your time can be used all at once or split over time. For example: We talk on the phone 30 minutes and focus on education, you have me edit your materials for 20 minutes and the other 10 minutes are for email coaching.

A word to the wise – Most people who are not familiar with the process of bringing a product to market typically require 2.5 – 4.5 hours of time initially. I suggest reading One Simple Idea, by Stephen Key, to have a baseline understanding of the licensing process before we begin.

For Additional Information Or To Schedule A Session

The most efficient way to reach me is via email at
I am also available at 952.405.6910  (USA, Central Time)

Sell Sheet Testimonials

The most important part of the inventing process is to communicate your idea simply and effectively, and Linda shows you the nuts and bolts of how to do that with ease. She teaches you how to develop a sell sheet that will grab your potential licensee’s attention instantly. If you need to develop a sell sheet, this is the information you need. I recommend Linda highly.
InventRight Founder – Stephen Key


Presenting most inventions comes down to a single image on one page. Linda’s seminars and guidance have been very helpful for me as I develop my inventions and create the message that explains it all instantly. She has an amazing understanding of the industry, and her experience, knowledge and passion will benefit many.
Steve L.


I thought I’d be learning how to create a sell sheet, something I’ve done a million times over in this business… but thought, “This person is coming from new product development experience and I think I can learn something from her perspective.” Boy, was I wrong. I didn’t learn “something”… I learned EVERYTHING relevant to this business of selling your product idea. And the value went beyond the sell sheet to knowing how to USE the sell sheet. HA… I had been likening it to a resume… wanting to cram as much information as possible onto one page. But you told us how to actually script the call, get them to say “yes” to sending information, which entices them to ask for MORE information… thus the data sheet. I learned far more than I ever thought I could in a seminar about “creating sell sheets.”
Ila F.


Your success has inspired me.  I’ve been working more diligently to see if my product idea can make it beyond the idea stage and I have put together a sell sheet to that end. I appreciate that you have an expert’s eye to tell me what I can do better and differently.
Paul S.