Example Review Done Quickly On a Trade Show Floor

After Trig Mate

The Process:
While walking through a trade show, I was asked for feedback on this sell sheet. I wrote notes on the original and explained:

  1. The photo doesn’t show the product, meaning the reader can’t instantly get what the product is or does.
  2. There isn’t a benefit headline.
  3. The text would be stronger in a different order.

To show what the sell sheet and photo ought to look like, I did a very quick sketch on the spot and showed him how to set up his product for a photo shoot. He had a camera, so I took off my blazer and used it as a backdrop. While two of us held the backdrop and product in place, he shot new photos.

Immediately following the show, he sent an updated version of the sell sheet. My comments:

  1. The photos are fantastic and really show the product features but I still can’t look at this sell sheet and get what his product is and does. He went from too far away in the first shot to too close on this version.
  2. The new headline is an excellent example of a benefit statement and helps support and explain the picture. Visually, it needs to stand out more.
  3. The bullet content is great but the font size needs to be smaller. What’s great is he has both benefits and features.

After providing feedback, he instantly understood what the new one required and did an updated version. This process required approximately 30 minutes of my time total because he was familiar with my sell sheet course, had a good understanding of the process involved and could do the work himself.

Testimonial From The Inventor

Doing the impromptu product photo shoot with you at my trade show booth and your eye-opening input on my sell sheet were the highlights of exhibiting at the show. I cannot believe I was making so many “duh” mistakes until you pointed them out to me. You have an eye for perfection and can simplify the most complex things to make them attractive and sellable. You truly care about people’s success and are great at what you do.
Keerthi Gunasekaran, Minnesota, MINDWATTS

Professional Evaluation Of Your Materials Includes:

• A review of your current marketing materials (sell sheets, video, data sheet…)
• Recommendations on how to make the image, design and content effective
• Assistance with the wording of your benefit and feature statements
• Feedback regarding your image and how to showcase your product
• Suggestions regarding layout and design

$75 per hour, with a one-hour minimum

For questions or to schedule an evaluation, email or call me to set up a time to talk., 952.405.6910  (USA, Central Time).

An Important Tip Regarding Marketing Your Product

Every time you create marketing materials, no matter how many you have done it, always run them by someone who has experience with product marketing. That person will be able to tell you if you are presenting your product in the strongest way possible. For example:

• Can someone instantly understand what your product is and does?
• Does your image convey your idea?
• Is your headline is a benefit?
• Does the content belong on the sell sheet or a data sheet?

When you make a video, feedback is even more crucial. The main mistakes with videos are that they are too long, redundant and missing contact information. I have been doing product marketing for a number of years and still run my information by two experts. Getting feedback from someone with experience is invaluable. Don’t skip this step.