About Linda


My real role is to help you find your own answers and identify what works for you. I use an interactive educational approach to help you move ahead and reach your goals. One of my greatest strengths is understanding what you’d like to achieve then simplifying it into an easy-to-do plan.


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The first product I licensed is the Pilesmart Organizer tray, winner of the “Organizer’s Choice Award for Best Business Product,” at the 2007 annual conference for the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO).

As an inventor, I have been asked by manufacturers to develop products on their behalf and provide feedback on their current and future product lines. I have turned around 15 ideas in a 34-hour time frame and 17 more in two weeks to show face-to-face with manufacturers. Currently, I still pitch ideas for licensing and have also developed an inventing curriculum for kids.


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As the very first InventRight student, I know the InventRight process extremely well and teach and coach others on the licensing process. Stephen Key has been my mentor since the beginning and he frequently shares his wisdom with me on how to succeed. At the same time, I have the honor of using my coaching skills with Stephen too. Working with him has provided me with a phenomenal education!


(previously known as Inventing Rocks!) http://www.FunAndFabIdeaLab.com

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What if kids are the most amazing inventors in the world?! And what if there is a fun and easy way for young inventors to learn the entire inventing process?

Fun & Fab Idea Lab uses entertaining educational videos and fun hands-on activities to cover it all: from coming up with ideas and preparing your ideas to show to others to getting your product on store shelves.

Hundreds of students, grades 3-5 (ages 8-12), have taken the course and loved it! Kids create, innovate, solve problems, collaborate, communicate and use critical thinking skills. They use technology to research, take photos, and write and layout an ad. 21st Century Learning Skills and STEM are at the core of the program.

Want to see what the course looks like in a school setting? Visit the Minnetonka Public Schools’ website to see Young Inventors in action: http://vimeo.com/56706741 (The course was known as Inventing Rocks! at that time).


Whether you need someone short-term or for the long haul, I adapt my style to fit your needs. Since 1995, I have worked with individuals and businesses to help them to succeed. The cornerstones of my work include: educating you on the process; helping you identify the next steps to take; overcoming procrastination and hurdles; experience with a wide-range of fields; and an ability to find resources for your needs. My inventive mind makes me a very unique coach.


Whether developing a piece from scratch, ghost writing or editing, I enjoy writing and take pride in presenting materials in a professional manner. My writing background includes: marketing materials, business pieces, curriculum, book content, benefit statements, short stories, policies and procedures, articles for publications/blogs and more. I have a degree in Journalism, was the Membership Director of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association and have experience in basic layout and design. I’ve also written a curriculum for kids on the inventing process. http://www.FunAndFabIdeaLab.com