Linda Portrait_240As a public speaker since the age of 16, I’ve discovered the workshops with the most impact are designed around the audience’s interests, wants and needs. I adapt my presentation style and message to truly deliver what the audience desires. Every presentation is unique.


Below are some sample topics and I am also available to develop a custom curriculum for your specific situation.

Sample Topics
Inventing & Product Development
• Hey, If a Third Grader Can Do It, You Can Too – The Three Phases of Inventing
• Inventing Success: Step-By-Step
• Effective Sell Sheets & Benefit Statements
• Fun & Fab Idea Lab: Hands-On Workshop for Kids

• Organizing for the Creative Mind
• Instruction Manual for Your Brain: How Brain Dominance/Learning Styles Affect Your Life
• I Think I Want to Do This, So Why Don’t I? Simple Ways to Overcome Procrastination
• Effective Paper Management
• How to Simplify Your Life
• What Else Is Possible?

Presentation Length & Style

Each presentation is customized to meet the needs of the audience, ranging from as short as 20 minutes up to full-day/multi-day workshops. Depending upon what works best for your situation, the materials can be delivered presentation-style or in an interactive format. I offer tele-seminars, presentations, hands-on working sessions, presentations followed by one-on-one consulting, workshop formats or an ongoing series. Your needs truly determine the structure of how the materials are delivered.


Vary depending upon presentation length, style, preparation involved and travel accommodations.

Past Venues

Past Venues

• Community Education Classes
• Colleges
• Organizations and Associations
• Businesses, Government Entities and Agencies
• Inventor Trade Shows and Meetings
• Public Schools

For Additional Information Or To Schedule A Presentation

The most efficient way to reach me is via email at Linda@InventingCoach.com.
I am also available at 952.405.6910  (USA, Central Time).

Speaking Testimonials

For six years, Linda taught non-credit courses, all to rave reviews from her students. She not only presents the techniques in an easy-to-understand fashion, but she listens carefully to the students’ needs and works within the class timeframe to make sure those individual needs are met. She has been a pleasure to work with and I recommend Linda as an excellent instructor, who can both create curriculum and teach in a way that engages students and improves their skills and knowledge.
Director of Community Education Santa Rosa Community College – Kerry C.

Very enlightening and very easy skills to implement! Linda’s information is clear and helpful, and I’d recommend her class to everyone I know.
Debbie M.

I have attended many courses over the years and have learned that the determining factor in the effective retention and end use of any information is directly related to the delivery of the speaker. Your presentation was very calm, clear and well paced. I found myself grasping concepts and understanding them before moving onto the next topic, and walked away from your course with valuable information and a feeling of accomplishment. Also of importance, was allowing people to ask pertinent questions related to the topic of the moment, and using their real life situations to demonstrate your point. It helped to put things in perspective and taught us how to apply the methods and systems you were speaking about. That was a valuable learning tool.
Christine H.