Coaching & Consulting


Linda Portrait_240Services Include:
Education and guidance throughout your process
• Expertise and coaching, when you need it
• Identification of the next steps to take
• Review of your materials
• Instruction on how to get in the door
• Keeping you on track and accountable
• Customized to meet your needs
• Hourly rate, no long-term commitment required

$75 per hour, with a one-hour minimum

Let’s talk first to make sure we are a good fit for each other. Best way to reach me is by email to set up a time to talk., 952.405.6910  (USA, Central Time).

What’s The Difference Between Consulting And Coaching?

Consulting is where I bring in my expertise on the subject. Coaching is where I help you find your own answers. I use a blend of both so we can find the best solutions for your needs and I educate you so you can do the process yourself. Where do you want to go and how will you get there?

What Are Your Areas Of Expertise?

• Product Development/Inventing
• Benefit Statements & Sell Sheets
• Overcoming Procrastination
• Organization
• Using Brain Dominance and Learning Styles to Your Advantage
• Step-by-Step Plans

What matters most is that when you need a Coach or a Consultant, you have someone available to you.

What Do You Do?

As a Consultant/Coach my greatest strength is that I can simplify what you would like to accomplish into an easy to implement step-by-step plan. I don’t have to have extensive knowledge in your area of expertise because you are the expert and can provide that information. My expertise is knowing the inventing process and how to move people forward, which usually involves overcoming one of these obstacles:

What An Obstacle Might Look Like

• You don’t know where to begin
• You don’t know the next step
• You don’t know how to do it
• It looks too big and you don’t know how to break it down
• You don’t have enough information to make a decision
• You don’t have the authority to do the job or make the decision
• You don’t have the desire to do the activity but someone said you need to do it
• You don’t have the financial means to do what you want to do
• You don’t have the skills
• It conflicts with your values
• You hate doing that type of activity
• Habits
• Other people’s opinions stop you
• You don’t fully understand what’s expected of you
• You need a deadline with someone other than yourself to keep you motivated

Together we will figure out what you need to help you move forward.

What’s The Benefit In Working With A Consultant/Coach?

The most common obstacle I see is that people know where they ultimately want to end up, but the actual process involved in getting there is overwhelming and filled with questions: What do I do first? Am I doing this right? What’s my next step? Oftentimes, an outside perspective brings clarity to the situation.

What Does A Consulting Session Involve?

Appointments vary depending upon your needs and if it is a phone or an in-person appointment.

Phone appointments
• You call me
• We start by:
a) having you identify what you hope to accomplish or,
b) sharing what’s on your mind and, together, we figure out priorities.
• Next we talk about the details and specific ways to get the results you want. I’ll ask questions and also share my expertise. We’ll figure out how to move you forward.
• Before the end of the session, we’ll review the specific steps for you to take. I always like to make sure you are clear on what you are doing and how you will do it!

The in-person appointments follow the same structure as the phone appointments except we have the option of doing hands-on work. There is a minimum of two hours for in-person appointments, which gives us enough time to work on the project in detail and accomplish much more than over the phone. If it is outside the Minneapolis area, the length of the appointment time is expanded and travel fees apply.

How Many Appointments Do We Have?

We set up appointments based upon your needs. Most clients begin with one hour, which can be used all at once or split over time. Some clients like work together one-time per month to help them stay focused while others work with me in bursts to get them through a particular project. We might have several sessions one month and none for the rest of the year. What matters most is that when you need a Coach, you have someone available to connect with.


The fees for my services are $75 per hour. For half or full-day sessions and/or when travel is involved, the fees vary.

Where To Begin, Or To Schedule A Session

Before we begin working together, let’s talk to make sure we are a good fit for each other. The most efficient way to reach me to set up a time to talk is via email at I am also available at 952.405.6910  (USA, Central Time).

Coaching & Consulting Testimonials

I have worked with Linda, since 2003, and consider her a close friend and colleague. Linda knows the inventing process. After bringing her own products to market she has learned what it takes to be successful. I personally call Linda now to get advice and a second opinion. She will help you learn what it takes to be successful in the inventing game.
InventRight Founder – Stephen Key


Your advice was very helpful and assisted me in having a very good meeting with a company. I just got a draft contract today.
Jeff B.


Your knowledge and expertise have been invaluable. I just signed a NDA with a company and sent them a sell sheet and a link to my video last night, and they’ve already responded. They think it is a great idea and my product has been forwarded to the VP of Marketing for review. I really appreciate all your time and guidance.
Jason L.


Doing the impromptu product photo shoot with you at my booth and your eye opening input on my sell sheet was the highlight of exhibiting at the show. I cannot believe I was making “duh” mistakes like the masses until you pointed them out to me. You have an eye for perfection and can simplify the most complex things to make them attractive and sellable. You truly care about people’s success and are great at what you do.


By watching you redesign someone’s sell sheet, I learned more in 10 minutes than I have from all the seminars I’ve attended.
Jim W.


You are really good. After talking with you this morning, I realized why I’ve not been having much luck and know what I need to do now.
David W.


Thank you for being so inspiring! I love how straight forward you are. You have really taken the time to explain things to me. Thank you for all the valuable information you have given me and for your amazing coaching!
Karen S.


Your expertise and skills are extraordinary. It is wonderful to have someone I can trust so simplicity. Your abundance of wisdom and skills make such an important difference in the lives of those to whom you so generously give of your gifts. You are deeply appreciated!
Annie R.


Thank you for the support, and for educating me, on the next steps to take to move forward towards my dreams. You are a positive influence.
Kimberly N.


Linda has an innovative and enthusiastic approach. Her intuitive outside the box approach leaves you breathless with the simplicity yet spot on accuracy of her inspiring solutions. Linda not only hears what you say but also listens with a problem solver’s ear. Her broad knowledge of learning styles gives her the unique ability to set aside the idea of “one right way” to do something and, instead, to fully utilize her client’s own personal strengths to develop insight to their problems. If you are looking for a Coach that can envision all the possibilities and help you originate and implement creative solutions for your unique needs, you want Linda Pollock in your life!
Sally J.